Attitudes and Perceptions towards Popular Language Learning Apps: Comparison and Analysis

Časopis: Uzdanica

Volume, no: , 2

ISSN: 1451-673

DOI: DOI10.46793/Uzdanica19.2.229G

Stranice: 229-244


Mobile-assisted language learning (MALL) stimulates students’ motivation and improves their foreign language skills. The principal objective of this paper is to compare the most frequently used mobile applications for learning foreign languages, primarily English, by students in Serbia. Additionally, we wanted to reflect on their views and experiences. Qualitative research, in the form of a focus group, was conducted in order to determine the clearest possible picture of students’ views concerning the usefulness of different language apps, primarily Duolingo, HelloTalk and WordUp. Quantitative research, in the form of an online questionnaire, was also conducted so as to analyse students’ overall perceptions of mobile applications in English language learning. The respondents are Singidunum University students who voluntarily agreed to participate in this research. The results showed that innovative ways of perfecting foreign languages, such as mobile applications, are captivating for students. In addition, they highly value visual and engaging materials. They believe Duolingo is the best app for improving vocabulary and grammar, whereas HelloTalk is an ideal app for developing speaking skills. WordUp is recommended as a dictionary and as a revolutionary app for learning new English words. Students agreed that the combination of all three mobile applications would be optimal, depending on their language level and learning goals.
Ključne reči: Mobile Applications Comparison, Foreign Language Learning, Duolingo, HelloTalk, WordUp.