Sinteza - International Scientific Conference of Business-Related Research

SINTEZA provides an ideal platform for the exchange of information and dissemination of best practices, advancements in the state-of-the-art and technical improvements in the domain of Information Technology and Data Related Research in today’s ubiquitous and virtual environment.

Rapid advances in Information Technologies (IT) in recent decades have had a huge impact on numerous facets of everyday life and have created tremendous opportunities for economic, technological and social gains at a global scale. This is especially true about the trending popularity and application of the block-chain technology in business. New technologies and scientific breakthroughs have altered the working and living environments making them safer, more convenient and more connected. As a key infrastructure of knowledge-based economies, IT is a driving force for rapidly growing new sectors, including advanced computing and software development, business process outsourcing and various Internet services.

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The conference seeks submissions from academics, researchers, and industry professionals presenting novel research on all practical and theoretical aspects in the field of Information Technology and Data Related Research and their applications in a range of business and research fields.

Univerzitet Singidunum

Adresa: Danijelova 32, 160622 Beograd, Srbija
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Telefoni: +381 11 3093 220, +381 11 3093 229

Naučni odbor

  • Milovan Stanišić, Singidunum University, Serbia
  • Aleksandar Jevremović, Singidunum University, Serbia
  • Andreja Stojić, Institute of Physics in Belgrade, Serbia
  • Bratislav Milovanović, Singidunum University, Serbia
  • Dragan Cvetković, Singidunum University, Serbia
  • Endre Pap, Singidunum University, Serbia
  • Goran Šimić, Military Academy, University of Defense, Serbia
  • Gordana Dobrijević, Singidunum University, Serbia
  • Gordana Jovanović, Institute of Physics in Belgrade, Serbia
  • Đorđe Obradović, Singidunum University, Serbia
  • Ivan Ćuk, Singidunum University, Serbia
  • Ivana Trbojević Milošević, Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, Serbia
  • Jelena Filipović, Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, Serbia
  • Jovan Popesku, Singidunum University, Serbia
  • Lidija Barjaktarović, Singidunum University, Serbia
  • Marija Kostić, Singidunum University, Serbia
  • Marijana Prodanović, Singidunum University, Serbia
  • Marina Marjanović Jakovljević, Singidunum University, Serbia
  • Marko Tanasković, Singidunum University, Serbia
  • Marko Šarac, Singidunum University, Serbia
  • Milan Milosavljević, Singidunum University, Serbia
  • Milan Tuba, Singidunum University, Serbia
  • Miloš Stojmenović, Singidunum University, Serbia
  • Miodrag Živković, Singidunum University, Serbia
  • Mirjana Perišić, Institute of Physics in Belgrade, Serbia
  • Mladen Veinović, Singidunum University, Serbia
  • Mlađan Jovanović, Singidunum University, Serbia
  • Nadežda Silaški, Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade, Serbia
  • Nebojša Bačanin Džakula, Singidunum University, Serbia
  • Nemanja Stanišić, Singidunum University, Serbia
  • Petar Spalević, Faculty of Technical Sciences in Kosovska Mitrovica, University of Priština, Serbia
  • Predrag Popović, Vinča Institute, Serbia
  • Radosav Pušić, Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, Serbia
  • Sanja Filipović, Singidunum University, Serbia
  • Saša Adamović, Singidunum University, Serbia
  • Slobodan Čerović, Singidunum University, Serbia
  • Tijana Radojević, Singidunum University, Serbia
  • Zora Konjović, Singidunum University, Serbia
  • Alexandru Nedelea, Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava, Romania
  • Andrey Bystrov, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow
  • Aurora Pedro Bueno, Department of Applied Economics, University of Valencia, Spain
  • Chen Yudong, Communication University of China, Beijing, People’s Republic of China
  • Deasún Ó Conchúir, Scatterwork GmbH, Ireland
  • Diego Andina De la Fuente, Technical University of Madrid, Spain
  • Dinu Vasile, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania
  • Duško Lukač, Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln – University of Applied Sciences, Germany
  • Egons Lavendelis, Riga Technical University, Latvia
  • Georg Christian Steckenbauer, IMC FH Krems University of Applied Sciences, Austria
  • Gordana Pesaković, Argosy University, USA
  • Grzegorz Michalski, Wroclaw University of Economics, Poland
  • Hong Qi, Dalian University of Technology, China
  • Irfan Arikan, IMC FH Krems University of Applied Sciences, Austria
  • Ivan Bajić, Simon Fraser University, Canada
  • Ina Bikuviene, PhD Kauno kolegija- University of Applied Sciences, Kaunas (Lithuania)
  • Jesus Amador Valdés Díaz de Villegas, Iberoamericana University, Mexico
  • Jovica V. Milanović, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Juan Ruiz Ramírez, University of Veracruz, Mexico
  • Kristofer Neslund, Ashland University, USA
  • Li Liwen, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing, PR China
  • Lorenzo Fagiano, Polytechnico di Milano, Italy
  • Luis Hernández Gómez, Technical University of Madrid, Spain
  • Maarten De Vos, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
  • María Magdalena Hernández Alarcón, University of Veracruz, Mexico
  • Mike Dawney, Middlesex University, United Kingdom
  • Moe Win, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
  • Mohammed Ismail Elnaggar, The Ohio State University, USA
  • Nancy Neslund, Ohio Northern University, USA
  • Nellie Swart, University of South Africa, Pretoria
  • Nuno Gonçalo Coelho Costa Pombo, University Beira Interior, Portugal
  • Nuno Manuel Garcia dos Santos, University Beira Interior, Portugal
  • Riste Temjanovski, Goce Delčev University, Macedonia
  • Roberta Grossi, Horizons University, France
  • Slobodan Luković, ALaRI, Switzerland
  • Snezana Lawrence, Bath Spa University, United Kingdom
  • Stanimir Sadinov, Technical University of Gabrovo, Bulgaria
  • Vassilis S. Moustakis, Technical University of Crete, Greece
  • Violeta Grubliene, Klaipeda University, Lithuania
  • Vladimir Terzija, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Yipeng Liu, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China

Organizacioni odbor

  • Milovan Stanišić
  • Endre Pap
  • Dragan Cvetković
  • Nebojša Bačanin Džakula
  • Marko Tanasković
  • Mladen Veinović
  • Predrag Nemec
  • Jelena Milovanović
  • Aleksandar Jevremović
  • Marko Šarac
  • Saša Adamović
  • Marijana Prodanović
  • Miodrag Živković
  • Tijana Radojević
  • Zora Konjović
  • Ivan Ćuk
  • Srđan Marković
  • Marina Marjanović
  • Aleksandar Mihajlović
  • Milan Tair
  • Jelena Gavrilović
  • Predrag Obradović
  • Jovana Maričić
  • Miloš Višnjić
  • Petar Jakić
  • Tanja Vučković