A Comparative Analysis of EFL Textbooks Used in the Third Grade Primary School

Časopis: Društvene i humanističke studije (Online)

Volume 7

ISSN: 2490-3647

DOI: 10.51558/2490-3647.2022.7.1.183

Stranice: 183-200

Link: https://doi.org/10.51558/2490-3647.2022.7.1.183

As a result of ever-growing changes affecting educational discourse, the roles and importance of textbooks have often been reexamined and redefined. This article reports the findings obtained from a comparative analysis of three English language textbooks used in the third grade inprimary school. The main criterion used for the selection of these textbooks relates to the cultural and linguistic background of their authors. This study examines the complex nature of textbooks and the multifaceted perspectives involved in the evaluation of their quality and purposefulnesswithin the learner-oriented teaching framework. It compares structural organization and linguistic devices used in three English language textbooks written by authors coming from different backgrounds, intending to establish differences or similarities in approaches and methods utilizedto present a certain content. This article also aims at drawing attention to the importance of employing textbook theory knowledge while selecting a textbook to be used in English language teaching.
Ključne reči: English language textbook analysis, Communicative Approach, cultural background, textbook theory