Novel Improved Salp Swarm Algorithm: An Application for Feature Selection

Časopis: Sensors

Volume, no: 22 , 5

ISSN: 1424-8220

DOI: 10.3390/s22051711

Stranice: 1-25


We live in a period when smart devices gather a large amount of data from a variety of sensors and it is often the case that decisions are taken based on them in a more or less autonomous manner. Still, many of the inputs do not prove to be essential in the decision-making process; hence, it is of utmost importance to find the means of eliminating the noise and concentrating on the most influential attributes. In this sense, we put forward a method based on the swarm intelligence paradigm for extracting the most important features from several datasets. The thematic of this paper is a novel implementation of an algorithm from the swarm intelligence branch of the machine learning domain for improving feature selection. The combination of machine learning with the metaheuristic approaches has recently created a new branch of artificial intelligence called learnheuristics. This approach benefits both from the capability of feature selection to find the solutions that most impact on accuracy and performance, as well as the well known characteristic of swarm intelligence algorithms to efficiently comb through a large search space of solutions. The latter is used as a wrapper method in feature selection and the improvements are significant. In this paper, a modified version of the salp swarm algorithm for feature selection is proposed. This solution is verified by 21 datasets with the classification model of K-nearest neighborhoods. Furthermore, the performance of the algorithm is compared to the best algorithms with the same test setup resulting in better number of features and classification accuracy for the proposed solution. Therefore, the proposed method tackles feature selection and demonstrates its success with many benchmark datasets.
Ključne reči: feature selection; swarm intelligence; hybridization; learnheuristics; salp swarm algorithm