ESP Teachers' Perspectives on the Online Teaching Environment Imposed in the Covud-19 Era: A Case Study

Časopis: The New Educational Review

Volume, no: 64 , 2

ISSN: 1732-6729

DOI: 10.15804/tner.2021.64.2.15

Stranice: 188-198


This paper reports on the results of interviews conducted with ESP teachers examining their attitudes towards different aspects of online language teaching. The aim of this case study is to investigate how confident the teachers feel while teaching online in synchronous mode and to examine whether this emotive attitude is in correlation with their prior experience in both formal and informal online environments. It also aims to establish correlations between the respondents‘ attitudes towards the degree of difficulties and challenges pertaining to teaching all language skills in an online education context. The findings derived from the analysis of the respondents‘ answers point out to the need to investigate the possibilities offered by digital technologies in order to help learners enhance their language skills and competencies.
Ključne reči: online language teaching at tertiary level, ESP teachers‘ perspectives, COVID-19