Trait Analysis Based on Multimodal Prediction and Optimization of the Output Parameters: A Survey

Časopis: Serbian Journal of Electrical Engineering

Volume, no: 20 , 2

ISSN: 1451-4869

DOI: 10.2298/SJEE2302229V

Stranice: 229-242


This paper provides a survey of apparent personality trait analysis based on multimodal trait prediction and optimization of multimodal output parameters. This paper analyzes, synthesizes, and compares the development of different methods of Personality computing based on the personality trait analysis within the Big Five model (OCEAN model) and based on audio, visual and textual inputs. The results of the trait analysis and detection are different for different methods, from trait extracted from handwriting with an accuracy of 62-83%, trait extracted from with 56-62%, trait extracted from audio with 70%, trait extracted from visual element images and videos 87-91%, from aggregation function min and max 52 - 81%, mean and median 85%, and methods based on robustness and Huber function 72 - 77 %. Trait analysis is a problem with numerous real-life applications. Accurate trait recognition and analysis of various human traits are tasks that have been studied for a very long time in the field of psychology and lately represent an important area of study in the field of computer science and computing. The best results in the field of apparent personality trait analysis were achieved with convolutional neural networks. Multimodal trait prediction will give a better prediction than prediction based on a single modality, and optimization with aggregation functions and robust methods can achieve a better prediction of the models.
Ključne reči: Personality computing, First impressions, Big-five, Aggregation functions, Personality classification, Feature classification, Robust loss function.