Protected Areas in the Function of Sustainable Tourism Development—A Case of Deliblato Sands Special Nature Reserve, Vojvodina Province

Časopis: Land

Volume, no: 12 , 2

ISSN: 2073-445X

DOI: 10.3390/land12020487

Stranice: 1-20


The Deliblato Sands Special Nature Reserve (SNR) is located in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina (Northern Serbia). The favorable position implies the proximity to large cities with which it has good traffic connections. Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, and other countries from the region represent a dispersive zone. The topic of this paper is the function that the SNR has in sustainable tourism development. The objective of this work is the analytical research of the available written data, as well as those obtained after the conducted survey. The basis of the research is to find out how and to what extent the SNR contributes to sustainable tourism development. The research was carried out by measuring the value of sustainable tourism indicators, and examining the attitudes of residents, visitors, and students about the current state of sustainable tourism and the importance of the SNR for future tourism development. Respondents were selected using a random sample method. The authors used qualitative and quantitative methodologies in the paper. This research examined the SNR sustainable development by measuring sustainability indicators and surveying 1884 respondents (714 residents, 620 visitors, and 550 students) about sustainable tourism in the SNR. The obtained data were analyzed and presented with the help of SPSS v. 21 software. The research results can be used to create national and international strategies for sustainable tourism development.
Ključne reči: AP Vojvodina; sustainable tourism; protected area; Special Nature Reserve; Deliblato Sands; nature-based tourism; ecotourism