Determinant factors influencing organic foods purchase

Časopis: Acta agriculturae Serbica

Volume, no: 26 , 51

ISSN: 2560-3140

DOI: 10.5937/AASer2151089C

Stranice: 89-95


The situation with the virus Covide-19 worldwide, in addition to the many questions of how to best protect ourselves, drew the attention of people and professional community, to the significance and the importance that a healthy nutrition has in preserving and building up immunity, and thus also in the prevention and protect the organism from various negative agents. Due to increased consumer concern for their own health and the environment the organic food market is one of the fastest growing markets in the food industry. The main goal of the current research is to examine determinant factors influencing organic foods purchase in our region. The sample consisted of 571 subjects from Serbia and the region. The data were processed by the SPSS program, and the obtained results show that in our country, as well as anywhere in the world, the price is the most common barrier in the situation of buying organic food. Gender of our subjects was not a significant factor in making the decision and realization of the purchase, while their marital status and age had an influence in making the mentioned decision. In general, our research showed that younger respondents, who are not married, are the most common buyers of organic food
Ključne reči: organic food, factors in making a decision of foods purchase, gender, marital status, age, country
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