Teaching in conditions of difficult knowledge transfer due to the state of emergency caused by the pandemic

Časopis: Vojnotehnicki glasnik

Volume, no: 69 , 4

ISSN: 2217-4753

DOI: 10.5937/vojtehg69-33522

Stranice: 852-870

Link: https://scindeks.ceon.rs/Article.aspx?artid=0042-84692104852M

This paper presents the transformation of the current, classical approach to teaching. Online platforms enable students with and without disabilities to follow classes without hindrance during the lecture period. After the lecture, they are allowed to view video and presentation materials. The main advantage of this way of teaching is the possibility of attending classes from any location and from any device; it is only important to be connected to the Internet. Methods: Full integration with the already existing Faculty Information System has been performed. The paper describes a new approach to teaching and illustrates the expected benefits of online teaching. The platforms used in this integration are Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365 Admin, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Stream and Microsoft SharePoint. Results: The result of the test of work with students showed that by introducing a system for online teaching, we directly affect the improvement and quality of teaching. Conclusion: Considering all the results, it can be concluded that the transition to the online way of teaching allows end listeners a comprehensive transfer of knowledge as well as re-listening to the same. This model can be used for an unlimited number of users in all Institutions, regardless of whether the field of activity of these Institutions is of educational origin.
Ključne reči: Education, online learning, teaching analysis, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Azure.