Kinematic analysis of the new element “Dimic” and its comparision with “Bilozerchev” on Parallel Bars

Časopis: Science of Gymnastics Journal

Volume, no: 9 , 1

ISSN: 1855-7171

Stranice: 83-96

Link: file:///C:/Users/user/Downloads/SCGYM_9_1_2017_article_7%20(2).pdf

Development and recognition of new gymnastics element is subjected to the evaluation of difficulty and structural complexity of the skill. The authority over the procedure lies with the Technical Committee of International Gymnastics Federation (FIG TC) and thus the classification of an element is a result of the subjective perception of its members. The present article pursued two goals. First, a method of biomechanical modelling was used to present a new gymnastics element “Dimic” on parallel bars. Second, as the element “Dimic” was evaluated with the same difficulty and placed in an identical position as “Bilozerchev” element in the Code of Points tables, the accuracy of the evaluation was tested by comparing kinematical characteristics of both elements. Measured subject was a gymnast AD, who for the purpose of the study performed both elements. Kinematic analysis was performed with the help of APAS 3-D video motion analysis system, using a model with 17 points and 15 segments. A comparison of kinematic characteristics (movement of body centre of gravity and the supporting left hand, the amount of rotation around the longitudinal axis) revealed significant differences in a non-support phase of elements both in structural characteristics and the difficulty of the execution of the skills. It can be concluded that the placement of the “Dimic” skill in the Code of Points seems incorrect. A method used in the study could in future be used in order to more adequately place new skills into the Code of Points.
Ključne reči: new skills, evaluation, Code of Points