Odgovornost finansijskih institucija u zaštiti i upravljanju životnom sredinom

Autori: Zoran Jović

Časopis: Ecologica

Volume, no: 25 , 92

ISSN: 0354-3285

Stranice: 847-851

Link: http://www.ecologica.org.rs/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/SADRZAJ-EC-BROJ-92.pdf

From the point of view of financial institutions, the most interesting aspect of ecology is the human ecology that provides a relationship between people and its surroundings. Although the question can be posed as to the direct relationship of financial institutions with the ecology problem, it can be concluded with certainty that their way of doing business, goals and ethical standards of placement of financial resources have a major impact on solving environmental problems. Today, financial institutions favor clean ecological projects, and banks in their loan analysis procedures, on the basis of which loans are placed, must have a separate section for analyzing the environmental aspect of the investment. In addition, banks and other financial institutions are involved in ecological sponsorship, which substantially helps ecologically clean projects, counting on media and any other environmental support.
Ključne reči: environmental protection, social responsibility, ecological sustainable development