STF tehnika finansiranja za tržišta u razvoju

Autori: Zoran Jović

Časopis: Revizor

Volume, no: 17 , 83

ISSN: 1450-7005

Stranice: 21-32

STF is a non-standard cross-border funding technique for developing markets, whereby credit risk is replaced by the risk assessment of the production and delivery of the loan beneficiary. The focus is that the transaction is self-liquidating ie. repay by moving goods that are financed or, repaid with the money that follows the goods. It is based on securing a transaction structure that will isolate the cash flow to repay the loan, rather than on the client's creditworthiness. It is important that customers, as sources of repayment, are assessed as a rating company, because the loan repayment process is directed to the cash flow that flows from them, with additional security and insurance.
Ključne reči: financing techniques, cash flow, banking risks, collateral, cross-border financing