Complex Signal Constellations in Cumulants-Based AMC: Statistics and Performance

Časopis: Telfor Journal

Volume, no: 13 , 2

ISSN: 2334-9905

DOI: 10.5937/telfor2102063P

Stranice: 63-68


In this paper various complex signal constellations are considered in the context of Automatic Modulation Classification (AMC) based on higher-order normalized cumulants value. Most of the constellations were addressed so far with fourth-order cumulants as AMC features only. The goal of this paper is to provide comparable values of sixth-order cumulants’ statistics for complex signal constellations as well, while resolving ambiguity in constellation shapes addressed at the same time and directing towards the criterion for estimation of expected classification performance.
Ključne reči: Constellation, complex signals, AMC, cumulants, statistics
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