Značaj analize kreditnog zahteva u procesu finansiranja preduzeća

Autori: Zoran Jović

Časopis: Revizor

Volume, no: 17 , 81

ISSN: 1450-7005

Stranice: 87-99

Link: https://casopisrevizor.rs/casopis-revizor-17/

The submission of a loan application is the first step in the process of lending to the bank’s client, and based on the analysis result, the final decision of the bank is based on (non) approval of the placement. The quality of the loan application, its structure and the data presented therein can greatly ease or hinder the process of making credit decision that is closely related to banking risks in the risk management process. Active cooperation between the client and the bank in the process of analyzing the loan application, facilitates and accelerates the process of financing the company and making the right decision from the aspect of the bank.
Ključne reči: loan application, financing, analysis, banks, decision making