Ecological Responsibility in Serbian Hotel Industry

Časopis: Ecologica

Volume, no: 22 , 78

ISSN: 0354-3285

Stranice: 252-256


Corporate social responsibility means the decision of companies to contribute to the development of society and the environment within which it operates. A significant trend in the world is a priority in creating the strategies for the preservation of the environment. Bearing in mind the importance of environmental sustainability, the authors of this paper point to environmental responsibility, which is part of corporate social responsibility, which makes it an indispensable part of modern hotel business. The concept of environmental responsibility in hotel companies contributes to the maintenance of ecological balance and natural resources of destinations in which it operates, as well as improves the economic results of operations. The aim of this paper is to present, on the basis of reasoned theoretical considerations, the results of the research on environmental responsibility and awareness of managers of hotels in Serbia.
Ključne reči: green management, ecological activities, renewable energy, recycling, waste management
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