The examination and assessment of winery business and contribution to the development of wine tourism of Serbia

Časopis: Economics of Agriculture/Ekonomika poljoprivrede

Volume, no: 67 , 4

ISSN: 2334-8453

DOI: 10.5937/ekoPolj2004103R

Stranice: 1103-1123


The tradition of winemaking on the territory of Serbia dates back to ancient times. Today the activities related to wine production are on the rise, as is the number of wineries, and they participate in the valorization of wine tourism activities as an important Serbian tourist product. The aim of this paper is to assess the business excellence of wine producers in Serbia via the application of BEX model while establishing a correlation with the data on the promotion of wine tourism activities on the analyzed wineries’ websites. The attained research results indicate a decrease in the BEX index in 2018 in comparison with the values from 2017 and are within the parameters for good values. However, there is no correlation between the performance of wineries and the promotion of wine tourism on their websites.
Ključne reči: business excellence assessment, BEX model, wineries, wine tourism, Serbia
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