Two kinds of explicit preference information oriented capacity identification methods in the context of multicriteria decision analysis

Časopis: International Transactions in Operational Research

Volume, no: 25 , 3

ISSN: 0969-6016

DOI: DOI:10.1111/itor.12472

Stranice: 807-830


The decision maker’s preference information on the importance and interaction of decision criteria can be explicitly described by the probabilistic interaction indices in the framework of the capacity based multicriteria decision analysis. In this paper, we first investigate some properties of the probabilistic interaction indices of the empty set, and propose the maximum and minimum empty set interaction principles based capacity identification methods, which can be considered as the comprehensive interaction trend preference information oriented capacity identification methods. Then, by introducing the deviation variables, the goal constraints,as well as the goal objective function, we give a new and more flexible approach to representing the decision maker’s explicit preference information on the kind and degree of the interaction of any given combination of decision criteria as well as on the degree of the importance of any decision criterion, and construct the nonempty set interaction indices based capacity identification method, which can be considered as the detailed explicit preference information oriented identification method. Finally, two illustrative examples are respectively given to show the feasibility and applicability of the two kinds of methods. In addition, the comparison analysis between these two kinds of methods and some existing capacity identification methods are also mentioned.
Ključne reči: multicriteria decision analysis, capacity identification method, Choquet integral, Shapley importance andinteraction index, explicit preference information, goal programming