Teaching in Online Classroom from the Perspective of English Language Teachers

Časopis: Primenjena lingvistika

Volume 21

ISSN: 1451-7124

DOI: http://doi.fil.bg.ac.rs/unit.php?lang=.&pt=journals&title=primling

Stranice: 25-44

Link: http://doi.fil.bg.ac.rs/pdf/journals/primling/2020/primling-2020-21-2.pdf

The purpose of this paper is to analyze whether the replacement of traditional classrooms with online classrooms affects learning English at university level, especially from English language teachers’ perspective. The paper offers an overview of the characteristics of traditional and online classroom, along with the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches, with special reference to the role of teachers. The research presented in this paper refers to the analysis of an online questionnaire in order to determine whether English language teachers believe that online classrooms can really replace traditional classrooms even after the outbreak of COVID-19.
Ključne reči: traditional classroom, online teaching, the English language, pandemic