Implementation Challenge and Analysis of Thermal Image Degradation on R-CNN Face Detection

Časopis: Telfor Journal

Volume, no: 12 , 2

ISSN: 1821-3251

Stranice: 98-103


Face detection systems with color cameras were rapidly evolving and have been well researched. In environments with good visibility they can reach excellent accuracy. But changes in illumination conditions can result in performance degradation, which is the one of the major limitations in visible light face detection systems. The solution to this problem could be in using thermal infrared cameras, since their operation doesn't depend on illumination. Recent studies have shown that deep learning methods can achieve an impressive performance on object detection tasks, and face detection in particular. The goal of this paper is to find an effective way to take advantages from thermal infrared spectra and provide an analysis of various image degradation influence on thermal face detection performance in a system based on R-CNN with special accent on implementation on a hardware platform for video signal processing that institute Vlatacom has developed, called vVSP.
Ključne reči: face detection, image degradation, R-CNN, thermal images, Video Signal Processing, GPU