Senior basketball players conformity

Časopis: Homo sporticus

Volume, no: 11 , 1

ISSN: 1512-8822

Stranice: 37-40


Conformity as a form of players’ behavior toward the coach and club management was the research topic of this study. This research had an aim to establish the differences in conformity degree between groups of basketball players, classified by three criteria: competitive level, player’s position, and player’s age. Examinees sample was formed of 75 senior basketball players. Modified conformity scale was used as an instrument of research (The Conformity Scale, Mehrabian, & Stefl, 1995). Internal reliability of a modified scale was Į=.74. Data was analized with help of a non-parametrical Mann-Whitney test. Out of eight statements proposed, there were found significant differences in conformity degree between first leagued and second leagued players based on three statements. Among ’outside’ and ’inside’, and younger and older players, there were no differences found based on any statement. Results indicate that examined Bosnian-Herzegovinian players are fond to conformity to a great degree.
Ključne reči: conformity, basketball players, coaches, club’s management