Participation in sports and sociometric status of adolescents

Časopis: Biomedical Human Kinetics

Volume, no: 1 , 2009

ISSN: 2080-2234

DOI: 10.2478/v10101-009-0021-y

Stranice: 83-85


Study aim: To examine the relationships between sport participation and sociometric status of adolescent youths. Material and methods: A group of 359 secondary school students from central Serbia (143 male and 216 female) aged 16 – 19 years participated in the study. The subjects were given questionnaires pertaining to their participation in sports and sociometric relations, especially “work with” and “interact with”. Results: In total, about 23% of subjects were actively engaged in sports at various levels: local (11%), regional (8%), national (3%) and international (2 subjects), the others were classified as sedentary. The sport-active subjects scored significantly (p<0.001) higher sociometric acceptance and sociometric status and lower sociometric rejection (p<0.05) than the sedentary ones. However, no significant correlations were found between sport-engagement variables and the sociometric ones. Conclusions: The presented results can be regarded as preliminary only and call for conducting the study on a larger cohort and to include more psychosocial variables.
Ključne reči: Sport participation – Sociometric status – Adolescents