Sustainable production of biomass through Miscanthus giganteus plantantion development

Časopis: Annals of Faculty Engineering Hunedoara International Journal of Engineering

Volume, no: 10 , 1

ISSN: 1584-2665

Stranice: 79-82


Energy crops offer clear ecological advantages over fossil fuels, such as a positive carbon balance which contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions and the low sulphur content, which contributes to the reduction of acidifying gases emissions. According to the results of miscanthus yield analyzes from field plots established on arable and degraded land in Serbia, and actual costs of plantation development, economic and energy efficiency of biomass production has been calculated. Experimental research results on miscanthus production in Serbia show that this kind of production is possible and can reach efficiency in country specific conditions
Ključne reči: miscanthus, plantation, energy efficiency, sustainable production