The Potential for the Use of EEG Data in Electronic Assessments

Časopis: Serbian Journal of Electrical Engineering

Volume, no: 15 , 3

ISSN: 2217-7183

DOI: 10.2298/SJEE1803339A

Stranice: 339-351


One of the most important goals of electronic assessments is to achieve the smallest measurement error with tests that are as simple and short as possible. Activities for achieving this goal are usually directed towards the iterative optimisation of the pool of questions. One aspect that is often not considered is an analysis of the psychological state of the respondents during the answering of questions. In this paper, we present our current results from an examination of the potential of EEG data for the optimisation of electronic ratings, as well as a technical platform for this purpose.
Ključne reči: EEG, Electronic assessment, Online testing, Human-computer interaction, Analytics