WIDE – centralized and collaborative approach to teaching Web development

Časopis: Journal of Internet technology

Volume, no: 19 , 4

ISSN: 1607-9264

DOI: 10.3966/160792642018081904004

Stranice: 1003-1014

Link: http://jit.ndhu.edu.tw/ojs/index.php/jit/article/view/1719

Teaching Web development is an increasingly important and complex task due to multiple technologies that students have to master and implement in each particular solution. This fact imposes the specific learning approach and development environment as a collaborative learning tool. It is particularly important in the learning scenarios that include large groups of students and computers that are not intended solely for teaching Web development as well. The authors of this paper find, based on their past experiences, that a disproportionately large amount of time is expended on troubleshooting infrastructure problems, and that collaboration amongst students is unsatisfactory. This paper presents a solution for centralized and collaborative work on learning Web development, as well as observations made during the course of its development and the first year of deployment.
Ključne reči: eWeb development, On-line IDE, Education, Collaboration