Pastoralism: Indigenous Way of Mitigating Climate and Poverty Risk

Skup: In: Leal Filho W., Azul A., Brandli L., Özuyar P., Wall T. (eds) Zero Hunger. Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Izdavač: Springer, Cham

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-69626-3_89-1

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Pastoralism could be defined as a production system, or a type of land use; furthermore, it can get ethnic or cultural attributes, and yet neither of these definitions represents its nature in a satisfactory way, since they do not include all aspects of importance. For instance, pastoral, as an adjective, means peaceful, idyllic, rural, or rustic, while pastoralist as a noun is used to indicate cultural identity of people who practice pastoralism, share a pastoralist background, or are involved in activities related to pastoralism.
Ključne reči: Grazing; Herding; Pasture farming; Pasturing; Shepherding