The Importance of the Using Software Tools for Learning Modern Cryptography


Volume, no: 34 , 1

ISSN: 0949-149X

Stranice: 256-262


Because of the wide application of cryptographic mechanisms in private and business environments, a cryptography course at many universities has the great importance today. An undergraduate cryptography course is mathematically demanding and it is quite difficult for students with poor background to follow the course syllabus. This paper presents the use of interactive software in demonstrating basic cryptology principles in modern cryptography. The teaching methodology applied fosters students experimental work and engages students in discussions to resolve problems. The data are taken in three consecutive school years (around 150 participants), when we used to apply ordinary teaching practices, and when we switched to the interactive teaching approach. The assessment method was the attendance of students in the classroom, which has increased significantly during the semester. At the grade level of the student we noticed better grade distribution, with higher average grade.
Ključne reči: cryptography; educational software; interactive teaching