Cryptographic Keys Exchange Model for Smart City Applications

Časopis: IET Intelligent Transport Systems

Volume, no: 14 , 11

ISSN: 1751-9578

DOI: 10.1049/iet-its.2019.0855

Stranice: 1456-1464


This study presents a secret key sharing protocol that establishes cryptographically secured communication between two entities. A new symmetric key exchange scenario for smart city applications is presented in this research. The protocol is based on the specific properties of the Fuss-Catalan numbers and the Lattice Path combinatorics. The proposed scenario consists of three phases: generating a Fuss-Catalan object based on the grid dimension, defining the movement in the Lattice Path Grid and defining the key equalisation rules. In the experimental part, the authors present the security analysis of the protocol as well as its test. Also, they examine the equivalence of the proposed with Maurer's satellite scenario and suggest a new scenario that implements an information-theoretical protocol for the public key distribution. Additionally, a comparison with related studies and methods is provided, as well as a comparison with satellite scenario, which proves the advantages of solution presented by the authors. Finally, they propose further research directions regarding key management in smart city applications.
Ključne reči: cryptographic protocols; cryptography; combinatorial mathematics; telecommunication security; protocols; public key cryptography