Solo travellers assign higher ratings than families: Examining customer satisfaction by demographic group

Časopis: Tourism Management Perspectives

Volume 16

ISSN: 2211-9736

DOI: 10.1016/j.tmp.2015.08.004

Stranice: 247-258


In this study, we employ big data to explore the characteristics of four different demographic categories of hotel customers with regard to their reported levels of satisfaction. The categories examined are solo travellers, groups of friends, couples, and families. The results show that considerable differences exist within the baseline level of satisfaction and, furthermore, that the importance of certain factors which contribute to satisfaction varies across the categories. The conclusions drawn from this study will be greatly beneficial to managers who aim to target some of these categories while equally providing direction worthy of consideration for future research.
Ključne reči: Customer satisfaction; Demographic group; Hotel attributes; Cultural distance; Multilevel modelling