Digital Services in restaurants - digital wine list

Izdanje: Sitcon 2023 Managing The Future By Learning From The Past – Contemporary Trends In Tourism & Hospitality

DOI: 10.15308/Sitcon-2023-3-10

Oblast: Conference Paper

Stranice: 3-10

In the era of the fifth industrial revolution and constant technological innovations, restaurants are placing a major emphasis on incorporating digital services into their business models. This paper highlights the importance of a digital wine list in the process of developing and maintaining a positive customer experience in restaurants. The key findings of narrative literature review indicate that, in situations where consumers lack prior experience, wish to try something new, or aim to find the perfect pairing with their food, and the sommelier has limited knowledge and experience, the digital wine list becomes an increasingly crucial factor in deciding which wine to order. Digital wine lists provide valuable and detailed information about wines such as their origin, brand and producer, grape varieties/vintage, flavor description (light, fruity, robust), and price. These lists are interactive, providing multiple filtering options based on the guests’ interests. They can be easily updated in real-time with a few mouse clicks, and never appear damaged, old, or in poor condition. Furthermore, artificial intelligence algorithms enable the provision of highly personalized wine recommendations to clients, based on their preferences and hidden patterns in their behaviour
Ključne reči: digital business, digital menu, digital wine list, customer experience, decision making
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A1 Pero Labus
A1 Jelena Lukić Nikolić
T1 Digital Services in restaurants - digital wine list
AD Univerzitet Singidunum, Beograd, Beograd, Srbija
YR 2023
NO doi: 10.15308/Sitcon-2023-3-10
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P. Labus and J. Lukić Nikolić, Digital Services in restaurants - digital wine list, Univerzitet Singidunum, Beograd, 2023, doi:10.15308/Sitcon-2023-3-10