Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Software Engineering

Autori: Nevena Ranković, Dragica Ranković, Jelena Kaljević

ISBN: 978-86-7912-8096

Broj strana: 255

Izdavač: Univerzitet Singidunum

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The swift advancement of computer technology leads to an even faster development and application of artificial intelligence, its various techniques and methods through the construction of various models for different purpose. Today, software is applied in basically all spheres of life; people use it and do not think about its life cycle. It starts from the simplest mobile applications to complex software used to perform tasks that completely replace humans. This book will show some of the fundamental techniques and methods of artificial intelligence used in everyday life and business. They mainly differ concerning the aspect of the application, but the most significant number of models combine various techniques and methods depending on the problem to be solved. In addition to explaining and applying the essential aspects of division and their basic techniques, examples of different combined approaches will be given. The central part of the book will devoted to applying artificial intelligence tools and techniques in software engineering, more precisely, in software estimation. In the In the context of estimating effort and costs associated with software project development and implementation, this book will introduce various approaches and methodologies, including artificial neural networks, Taguchi's method, software quality metrics, and other relevant criteria. Furthermore, it can be concluded that three new, improved, specially constructed models can give much better results in estimation and thus significantly improve this area of software engineering. Finally, this book is intended for students who want to expand their knowledge and skills in the field of artificial intelligence application in software engineering and software project management, as well as for all other experts in these areas.
Ključne reči: artificial intelligence, software development
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