Teaching Sociolinguistics in a Hybrid Classroom

Izdanje: Sinteza 2022 - International Scientific Conference on Information Technology and Data Related Research

DOI: 10.15308/Sinteza-2022-329-334

Oblast: IT Applications in Language Teaching Session

Stranice: 329-334

Link: https://portal.sinteza.singidunum.ac.rs/paper/880

The purpose of this paper is to present the differences and similarities between online teaching and teaching sociolinguistics in a hybrid classroom. The theoretical section of the paper comprises basic information about teaching sociolinguistics, the definitions of the traditional classroom, online teaching, and the hybrid teaching model, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each of these teaching models, whereas the research section includes methodology and results from a focus group with students of sociolinguistics at the study program of Anglistics at Singidunum University. The research results have shown that students do not experience significant differences in learning sociolinguistics in a hybrid model when compared to the online model. The results have also confirmed the fact that students are aware of the importance of sociolinguistics for their future careers and that they are willing to study both in a hybrid classroom and an online setting, as their goal is to acquire the necessary knowledge.
Ključne reči: Hybrid model, sociolinguistics, online teaching, traditional classroom
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A1 Valentina Bošković
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V. Bošković and N. Pantelić, Teaching Sociolinguistics in a Hybrid Classroom, Univerzitet Singidunum, Beograd, 2022, doi:10.15308/Sinteza-2022-329-334