Securing the era of digital transformation

Mentor: Mladen Veinović

Institucija: Univerzitet Singidunum, Beograd, Beograd, Srbija, 2018

In this paper, the concept of identity and access management is presented. Detailed insight in the field of research shows the modern approach in respect to IT security principles and describes importance and a significant impact that identity and access management have regarding IT security and business ecosystem. IBM security solution is presented with detailed explanation of its structure, functionality and benefits.

An insight will be presented into the transformation of the digital business world, challenges that face companies, moving forward to new technologies and shifting the focus to agile and flexible environments.

Rise of the new security standards and the impact they have on the financial sector as well as the importance of digital forensics will be presented. The significance and benefits of API Economy, its future heading together with the security solution that facilitates secure APIs will be highlighted. The usefulness of the cloud-based access management solution for protecting cloud assets will be accentuated.
Ključne reči: IT Security, Access management, API protection
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