Gastronomy and tourism destination competitiveness

Izdanje: SITCON 2016 - Singidunum International Tourism Conference

DOI: 10.15308/Sitcon-2016-150-154

Oblast: Tourism

Stranice: 150-154

Although gastronomy as a science developed in close connection with tourism,
research in the field of gastronomic tourism is quite rare. However, due
to the increasing popularity of this type of tourism, one of the growing trends
is precisely the research on food. Gastronomic tourism is gaining more attention
each year, both in the scientific community and among users of tourism
services. The purpose of this study is to determine the importance of gastronomic
tourism for tourism destination competitiveness. The author argues
that gastronomic tourism is one of the answers to the demands of new forms
of tourism demand and that the culture, tradition and identity of the local
community are an integral part of this kind of tourism. The study confirms
the tendency of tourists to highly value local cultural values. Therefore, in
developing destination competitiveness, one must take into account the global
and the local component of gastronomic products.
Ključne reči: gastronomic tourism, food, culture, destination competitiveness
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