Understanding digital consumers in tourism

Izdanje: SITCON 2016 - Singidunum International Tourism Conference

DOI: 10.15308/Sitcon-2016-27-32

Oblast: Tourism

Stranice: 27-32

Digital age has triggered numerous changes and innovations in the corporate
sector. The rapid advancement of information and digital technologies has
brought about diverse benefits to tourism industry, thus enabling tourism enterprises
to enhance the overall quality of their services and maintain successful
customer relationships. Also, wide Internet accessibility has fundamentally
altered the manner in which tourists collect and share information, organise
travel, and in particular, how they share their valuable travel experiences.
From the business perspective, contemporary tourism trends are primarily
oriented towards consumers. Digital communication has become one of the
main prerequisites for successful business performances, bearing in mind the
growing Internet use and considerable number of consumer addicts. The development
and implementation of mobile technologies and applications plays
an important role in the overall tourism development, and has contributed to
development of the special form of tourism business- smart tourism. The aim
of this paper is to identify the change of value among the new, so-called digital
consumers. The research results indicate that the identification of specific
needs of digital consumers has led to diversification of tourism products and
services and new and adjusted communication. Accordingly, it is necessary to
ensure integrated application of new technologies, adjusted business processes
and efficient cooperation among all employees in the company in order to
successfully manage customer relationships.
Ključne reči: digital consumers, mobile digital technologies, quality, smart tourism, tourism services
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R. Živković, I. Brdar, J. Gajić and J. McIntyre, Understanding digital consumers in tourism, Univerzitet Singidunum, Beograd, 2016, doi:10.15308/Sitcon-2016-27-32