The Attacks on the RSA Algorithm

Izdanje: Sinteza 2016 - International Scientific Conference on ICT and E-Business Related Research

DOI: 10.15308/Sinteza-2016-131-136


The aim of this paper is to provide by giving a description of principles in public-key cryptography an overview of current achievements in this domain within the framework of existing knowledge in literature, international standards and the best practice as far as the RSA algorithm is concerned. This paper is particularly dedicated to the attacks on the RSA algorithm, whereas the ways to defend are suggested. Methods of attacks on the RSA algorithm are given and further retrospective of results obtained during the research are separately treated in the final part of the paper through the description of attacks with use of force, low-exponent attack, chosen-plaintext attack and timing attack.
Ključne reči: RSA algorithm, cryptography, attack, symmetric and asymmetric cryptography

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D. Savić and S. Damjanović, The Attacks on the RSA Algorithm, International Scientific Conference Sinteza, 2016, doi:10.15308/Sinteza-2016-131-136