Time-Memory Trade-Off in RFID Systems

Izdanje: Sinteza 2016 - International Scientific Conference on ICT and E-Business Related Research

DOI: 10.15308/Sinteza-2016-124-130

Link: https://doi.org/10.15308/Sinteza-2016-124-130

This paper elaborates on application of Hellman’s cryptanalytic time-memory trade-off approach in the RFID systems. First, the original method is briefly explained. Then, the situations and conditions that make the application of Hellman’s idea possible in the RFID environment are discussed and analyzed. The effects of application of the time-memory trade-off method are illustrated for two RFID techniques: Ohkubo, Suzuki and Kinoshita’s protocol, and constant-time identification protocol. For both of them the performance analysis is performed before and after application of the time-memory tradeoff approach. Finally, the similarities and differences in modifications of the original method and its consequences in these two cases are pointed out.
Ključne reči: radio-frequency identification, time-memory trade-off, OSK protocol, constant-time identification

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V. Tomašević and M. Tomašević, Time-Memory Trade-Off in RFID Systems, International Scientific Conference Sinteza, 2016, doi:10.15308/Sinteza-2016-124-130