Secret Key Extraction Over Unauthenticated Public Channels

Izdanje: Naučna konferencija Uniteh 2010

Oblast: Computer Technologies

Stranice: 472-476

This paper discusses the possibility of secret key extraction over unauthenticated public channels. Starting from theoretical foundations of the concept perfectly developed by Claude E. Shannon cryptographic system analyzes the specific solutions for secret keys extraction over public channels. Comparative analysis includes a quantum protocol and Maurer protocol based on common satellite distribution of correlated random sequences. BB84 protocol is designed for quantum key distribution (QKD) to replace the asymmetric protocol requires two communication channels. The first is a oneway quantum channel, and the other twoway public channel. There was great similarity between these two protocols. Maurer's protocol is in its first stage is performed differently than in the first phase of the BB84 protocol. Instead of oneway quantum channel introduces the satellite, which broadcasts a bad copy of the original random binary number generated by satellite. The remaining three phases of BB84 protocol are identical to other stages Maurer protocol. We showed that an eavesdropper shares minuscule mutual information with legitimate communicators, thereby supporting security against eavesdroppers. This paper presents a simulation of Maurers protocol and discussed some of the quantitative indicators that are very important for practical applicability of this method.
Ključne reči: secret keys, protocol, public shannel, key distribution
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A1 Saša Adamović
A1 Marko Šarac
A1 Dalibor Radovanović
A1 Tijana Radojević
T1 Secret Key Extraction Over Unauthenticated Public Channels
AD Naučna konferencija Unitech, Gabrovo, Bugarska
YR 2010
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S. Adamović, M. Šarac, D. Radovanović and T. Radojević, Secret Key Extraction Over Unauthenticated Public Channels, Naučna konferencija Unitech, 2010