Evaluation of Obsolete of Knowledge

Izdanje: Naučna konferencija Uniteh 2010

Oblast: Mathematics, Informatics and Physics

Stranice: III

In this paper a proposal for evaluating the knowledge (competence, possibility) of the company both for a specific job as well as the company as a whole is given. Knowledge with low grade are considered obsolete and outdate, and the best option (technology) is assumed to be the knowledge with greatest grade.
Ključne reči: knowledge, competence, possibility, organization
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RT Conference Proceedings
A1 Mališa Žižović
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T1 Evaluation of Obsolete of Knowledge
AD Naučna konferencija Unitech, Gabrovo, Bugarska
YR 2010
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M. Žižović, N. Damljanović and D. Đurčić, Evaluation of Obsolete of Knowledge, Naučna konferencija Unitech, 2010